Envisioning the Future of Infant Retinal Imaging


The current gold standard of retinal screening.

All retinal diseases must be diagnosed by a certified ophthalmologist. Many retinal diseases are diagnosed by indirect ophthalmoscopy, a process that is often unavailable to people in middle and low income communities. We provide an inexpensive telemedicine alternative to make screening more accessible in these areas. Through remote imaging, retinal diseases can be diagnosed at earlier stages, decreasing visual morbidity around the world.


A one-hand device to bring retinal screening around the world.

We have developed a novel wireless retinal imaging device operable with one hand. Our device is able to capture images and videoes, livestream video, and transfer images to remote API.

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Our workflow

From retinal screening to diagnosis.

Video Livestream

Seamlessly view the retina live on any computer through our device

Image Capture

Instantly record snapshots of the retina with the click of a button

Image Montage

Captured images of a retina are combined into a single montaged image for a complete view

Cloud Transfer

Images of the retina are immediately uploaded onto an encrypted cloud storage service

Doctor Access

Off-site ophthalmologists can instantly view montaged images and videos

Remote diagnosis

Retinal diseases can be diagnosed without an ophthalmologist physically present


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